Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport

Melbourne airport lies 23km away from central Melbourne. It has two runways and four terminals. Terminal 1 is the one that handles international passenger traffic. Melbourne airport is the second out of the busiest airports in Australia.

Baggage Reclaim

In case you arrive in Melbourne airport on an international flight you will pass through passport control first. The next point is the security check. Afterwards, you will arrive at the baggage carousals in order to pick up your baggage. Once that is done, it is time for you to move on to the arrival hall passing the customs check point.

Airport Sky Bus

Once you are in the arrival area you have access to currency exchange facilities. It is also possible to have a snack in a café. There are free Wi-Fi facilities as well. It is possible to do some last minute shopping for travel needs before you leave the airport. In case you need any information there is an information desk where you could make inquiries about it. When the time is up for you to leave for the city there is the sky bus,Melbourne airport taxis and car hire. You have the option to use the most convenient one depending on your needs.

Airport Security Check

If you arrive at Melbourne airport in order to take an international flight remember to arrive at the right terminal in order to avoid delays. Once you are at the check in counters you will be able to obtain your boarding pass after handing over your baggage. Then it is the security check you need to pass through. Afterwards, you will present yourself at the customs check point and finally reach the departure hall.

Melbourne Departure Area

Once you are in the departure area you will be able to dine in a restaurant or to do some duty free shopping. Also, you could use free Wi-Fi facilities in order to surf the internet. In case you have not brought your laptop you could use one of the internet kiosks. It is also good to find your gate before you engage in any other activity to make things easier. The display screens placed in convenient locations will provide details of your flight. When your gate opens it is good to go there early.


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